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The Huffington Post

Kara Hackett is a writer, speaker and recovering fast fashion addict. As a former shopaholic, she’s now confronting the dark side of the fashion industry and discovering what it means to be an ethical consumer.



Why I quit buying fast fashion

You quit buying fast fashion, so now what?

America, we need to talk 

Why shopping doesn’t solve problems in the fashion industry 


Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana

YLNI HereSay Logo.jpg

HereSay, in Partnership with YLNI, is a blog about our say on what’s happening here. It is written by YLNI member Kara Hackett, and the opinions are her own.




Celebrating our local music scene

Neighborhoods of the future are rooted in Fort Wayne’s past 

We must be moved

Changing what it means to shop downtown

The fine line between hate and love

A clear-cut reason to support the FWCS referendum


The Journal Gazette


I wrote a column for the Journal Gazette called Coffee Break that focused on starting conversations about city progress. It was published twice a week online and re-printed in the paper every Saturday.



Why they dig downtown

Building on 2014’s progress 

A life-changing trip to Pittsburgh 

City’s travel options could use a Lyft 

Shopping downtown grocery options

Taking up the banner of flag design

A look at Lakeside

Lessons from riverfront to Wells Street 

Graffiti growing as an art option

Rivers’ ripple effect widening